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Virtually Closing the Learning Gap on Your Learning Potential

If you’re reading this, then somewhere in your mind you desire to read, learn, and remember more efficiently than you currently do. Somewhere inside you, you know that it is possible to read, learn, and remember much more quickly than your current rates. Unfortunately, up until now accomplishing that has merely been a wistful dream of yours. Up until now…

Whoa!!! I didn’t pull that number out from thin air. Thanks to the computer industry and technology researchers, as well as a fun experiment matching the IBM Deep Blue computer against Gary Kasparov, international chess champ, that calculation was done a few years back. That number just blows me away!

Potentially we have an incredibly fast bio-computer.

Are you running your processor at optimum speed when it comes to reading, learning, and recalling?

Consider the fact that the average reading speed is merely 250 words per minute. Compared to your bio-processor’s potential that would be barely getting off the starting line.

With the difference between potential speed and actual speed when reading and trying to learn, your mind gets distracted and bored, and checks out to go elsewhere. This produces a cascade of other problems that interfere with reading and learning at higher rates that have been discussed in other posts.

Let me ask you, if there was a way to help you close that gap between your bio-processor’s speed and your current reading speed, would you take it?

If so, how fast would that be in words per minute?

Enter your thoughts, comments, ideas, and estimates below.



Make Easy Money Online Through Affiliate Income Programs

In the beginning of Web commerce, there was click-through traffic. The traffic sender was paid a specific amount of cash for every click sent through the sender’s selling code. Sadly, the capacity for manipulation and script-based theft soon rendered the click-through idea old-fashioned. It was at that time the online associate program was born.

Affiliate income programs are an wonderful approach to make a cash-earning system that works far beyond a marketer’s own influence. When it goes viral, it will build riches especially once you’ve developed a lasting affiliate foundation (we can get to that in a moment).

In brief, the affiliate model is among the best ways that to try and do business online.

The marketer places code together with his affiliate link in the URL (the affiliate program will offer the code to use). This code will be placed on websites, blogs, social network postings (Twitter and therefore the like) opt-in email lists, etc.

These blogs, websites and other type of posts will draw link traffic, search engine traffic, type-in traffic, those being the best kinds of traffic to convert. Which means valuable traffic can be sent through the marketer’s link to the affiliate program.

For every sale of the marketed product from the affiliate income network he/she makes, they will receive a sure percentage of the sale or a group quantity of money for an indication-up. That cash is then periodically paid to the marketer.

With residual affiliate programs, programs that use a tiered approach, the marketer not only makes money on his own traffic but conjointly earns affiliate revenue from the sales generated by any affiliate he stated the company (also with a special link). The tiered system permits for the way deep you wish to extend your networking ability and visibility.

It works like this:

The marketer is paid a commission or a little of the sale. If a good promoting program charges X amount of cash, then Marketer A. will receive a paid percentage commission. The affiliate that he sends (Marketer B.) will receive their own commission and Marketer A. who sent them can be paid a percentage of their sale.

So is made a multilevel system of residual affiliates who will earn the marketer cash without the first marketer lifting a finger.

The realm of on-line commerce has made the multilevel concept not only possible however workable and even preferable. The flexibility to trace traffic with software, giving individual resellers their own program identifier, truly giving a concrete record of affiliate levels, makes the multilevel affiliate concept transparent, honest and possible. It’s one of the prime strategies of income generation on the web today. It is a manner to real, easy wealth.

With the most recent advent of the social media explosion, social media affiliate programs are now highly sought after. They provide a second simple revenue stream due to the massive interest.



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