There are a lot of similarities between the short messages sent and received through Twitter and mobile text advertising. Twitter’s short message service (SMS) allows users to send and receive messages with a 140-character limit on any device, including computer, phones and pdas.

Twitter has even started experimenting with promoted tweets, which are paid tweets visible to the entire Twitter user community. Thus far, only large advertisers such as Starbucks and Best Buy are being offered promoted tweets, and with Twitter boasting a community of almost 106 Million, it may be awhile before small business owners can afford a piece of that pie.

But what is keeping small business owners from using the free Twitter service to promote their business? What are the benefits of using mobile phone advertising as well? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Twitter tweets are available only to those Twitter users who have chosen to follow you. While it is a great idea to get your customers who use Twitter to follow you, the reality is that not everyone uses Twitter on a regular basis. Yes, 106 Million sounds like a lot and it is. But believe it or not that figure is less than twenty percent of all people who use the Internet. And believe it or not, there are those customers who still even use the Internet infrequently or even not at all. But, most of those people, 82% of all Americans, have a cell phone.

2. Tweets on Twitter can come and go very quickly, which you have probably experienced if you have ever used it. The effectiveness can wear off quickly, although the immediate response is often very favorable. This makes Twitter a good option for building brand loyalty, but not the greatest source to promote an event such as a sale or a limited time coupon offer. A direct mobile advertising message is much more effective to reach your customers for that type of promotion.

3. Mobile advertising, unlike Twitter, offers mobile keyword technology which makes it a more powerful targeting option for a small business advertiser. Unlike advertisers like Starbucks and Best Buy with a huge customer demographic, most businesses want to target specific types of customers and mobile keyword technology allows them to do that. People can simply text your mobile keyword right where they see it – at the cash register, webpage, event, or even when hearing an advertisement on the radio. If you already have customer cell phone numbers, they can even be imported, so you aren’t starting from scratch.

While Twitter has its place in a small business owner’s marketing plan, it can’t take the place of an effective mobile advertising promotion. With affordable options and the ability to start out on a month to month basis at a low cost (it can be as low as $10/month), mobile phone advertising is a great addition to the small business owner’s marketing plan.

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